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Hello all. For the last three years I have been running a film review blog via WordPress called “I Actually Paid to See This.” Like thousands of others I’m sure, the purpose of the blog is to review movies, share opinions, and overall encourage an open conversation on the art of film. Over these three years, content has expanded, and I’ve gotten a little bit of recognition, as well as some side work with my friends at Behind the Rabbit Productions and the “No Rest for the Weekend” podcast.

On their recommendation, I have decided to expand to Medium and share my content here as well. I’m still figuring this all out, so please bear with me as I go. The goal here is to share my original reviews and other content to reach a wider audience, and engage interested users and writers on this forum as well. Assuming no glitches, everything I publish at actuallypaid.com will be imported here. I will also be integrating the newly-created Twitter page for the blog, @actually_paid, for these purposes.

Not much more to say right now. I hope you enjoy what I post here, and we can have a larger conversation. I hope my bad jokes make you chuckle now and again. I hope that if I inspire rage, you channel it in appropriate ways. That’s about it. Cheers from the Idiot in the Back Row!



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William J Hammon

All content is from the blog, “I Actually Paid to See This,” available at actuallypaid.com