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William J Hammon
4 min readJan 28, 2023

Well folks, it’s time. The nominations are out, the vast majority of the films have been viewed, and I’ve gotten my lovely little tuxedo t-shirt out of the closet. The Oscar Blitz for 2023 has begun!

There are going to be a couple changes to the coverage this year. First off, I’ve decided to retire the “Oscar Gold” headline for these posts, as a lot of people I’ve talked to find it confusing, and yeah, they’re right. I’ve mentioned it before that I differentiate between the process of seeing everything (“Blitz”) and the actual blog posts (“Gold”) purely because I feel like it, and because I wanted to reference American Dad! But to a newcomer, there’s no real difference in terminology for this whole annual adventure, so there’s no reason to have two different names attached to it. So it’s the Oscar Blitz across all platforms from here on out.

Second, last year I dipped my toes into video content, using my YouTube channel to feature the four acting categories and Best Picture. I’m going to do weekly videos again this year (assuming no copyright claims or other tech difficulties), but I didn’t want to limit myself to the so-called “major” categories. As such, here’s a video where I select four of the fields at random for the visual treatment.

Now, as always there will still be posts for each category during the Blitz, whether it’s a print breakdown or a video one, as I still want to include polls and comment sections for all of you to chime in and make your voices heard. So if you were at all concerned about having sections missing, don’t be.

I’ve got five films yet to see to complete the feature length categories, plus the three short ones when they get released on February 17. In addition, I still have a handful of International, Documentary, and Animated Features that I’m hoping to polish off in an attempt to clear those submissions and shortlists before I cover the five nominees, as I do every year. I’ll be spending a good part of the next week checking those off.

On Monday, February 6, the Blitz begins in earnest, with the first category breakdown here on the blog, with video posts once a week until the final week, where there will (hopefully) be two, one for Best Picture and the other for my official predictions. As always, this post will serve as the main hub for the coverage, with links to each category as it comes up on the schedule and gets published. If you’re anywhere near as obsessive as I am, you are more than encouraged to bookmark this article for your convenience.

The schedule is subject to change based on my work commitments and the availability of the remaining films, but as of right now, here’s how the next several weeks are going to play out here.

Monday, February 6 — Best Supporting Actress
Tuesday, February 7 — Sound
Wednesday, February 8 — Costume Design
Thursday, February 9 — Adapted Screenplay
Friday, February 10 — Production Design
Monday, February 13 — Best Director
Tuesday, February 14 — Original Score
Wednesday, February 15 — Makeup & Hairstyling
Thursday, February 16 — Best Supporting Actor
Friday, February 17 — International Feature
Monday, February 20 — Animated Short
Tuesday, February 21 — Cinematography
Wednesday, February 22 — Visual Effects
Thursday, February 23 — Animated Feature
Friday, February 24 — Best Actor
Monday, February 27 — Original Screenplay
Tuesday, February 28 — Documentary Short
Wednesday, March 1 — Best Actress
Thursday, March 2 — Film Editing
Friday, March 3 — Live Action Short
Monday, March 6 — Original Song
Tuesday, March 7 — Documentary Feature
Wednesday, March 8 — Best Picture
Friday, March 10 — Who Will Win?
Sunday, March 12 (Oscar Night!) — Live Diary
Wednesday, March 15 — Postmortem

That’s the plan as it stands right now. Hopefully, everything will run smoothly, and I won’t run myself ragged. I also hope Anya Taylor-Joy calls me up and asks me to be her date to the ceremony. Both scenarios have about the same likelihood of coming to pass. But hey, it’s a labor of love, and one I look forward to every single year. I hope you have as much fun reading and watching all the content as I do making it!

Join the conversation in the comments below! Which category are you most excited about? Who are your sleepers and dark horses? How many of your friends are you recommending this stuff to (because it should be ALL OF THEM)? Let me know!

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