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The nominations are out. The Blitz has begun. The remaining queue of films I haven’t seen is being diligently ticked off day by day. And starting tomorrow, we begin the annual breakdown of every single category for this year’s Academy Awards.

This post will serve as the central hub for all the Oscar coverage from now until the ceremony in March. Unlike the last few years, we actually have a decent chunk of time — seven weeks! — between nominations and awards, and as such, I get a little room to breathe. We’ll start the fun tomorrow with Adapted Screenplay, then cover three categories next week (on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), followed by four categories each for the five weeks after (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday). On the final week, we’ll have three categories left, which will be handled on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, with Friday being reserved for the official predictions of who and what will win, then on Sunday it’ll be the ceremony itself complete with my live blog, and then a postmortem two days later.

I’m spacing the schedule out a bit more this year for two main reasons. One, I actually can for once. I still remember having literally only 25 days to cover 24 categories a couple years back, which meant even doing stuff on the weekends and trying to cram in viewings which required double-posting days to review. Thankfully I don’t have to go nearly as insane this time. Two, I still want to see and cover new movies as well as the backlog of nominees I have yet to see. Freeing up at least one weekday and the weekends for that purpose will be a huge organizational weight off my shoulders. Hell, I’ve got a date to see Death on the Nile this Saturday, so I’ll be able to have a review ready to go without having to interfere with the Oscar coverage whatsoever.

So if you want an easy way to follow along and join in all the fun, keep this post bookmarked until the end of next month. With every category we cross off, I’ll link to it on this hub post. As for the coverage itself, I’ll still do the analysis and rankings I’ve always done, and I’ll include polls for each category again so you guys can tell me your preferences. I’m going to even try to do some of the major categories via YouTube (assuming I have the time to film and edit), especially as we get closer to the end. Fingers crossed that I can pull it off.

With all that said, here’s the official schedule for this year’s Oscar Blitz!

Friday, February 11 — Adapted Screenplay
Monday, February 14 — Visual Effects
Wednesday, February 16 — Original Score
Friday, February 18 — Supporting Actor
Monday, February 21 — Cinematography
Tuesday, February 22 — Animated Feature
Thursday, February 24 — Original Song
Friday, February 25 — Supporting Actress
Monday, February 28 — Production Design
Tuesday, March 1 — Film Editing
Thursday, March 3 — Animated Short
Friday, March 4 — Best Actor
Monday, March 7 — Sound
Tuesday, March 8 — Live Action Short
Thursday, March 10 — Documentary Feature
Friday, March 11 — Best Actress
Monday, March 14 — Costume Design
Tuesday, March 15 — Documentary Short
Thursday, March 17 — International Feature
Friday, March 18 — Best Director
Monday, March 21 — Makeup & Hairstyling
Tuesday, March 22 — Original Screenplay
Thursday, March 24 — Best Picture
Friday, March 25 — Who Will Win?
Sunday, March 27 — Oscar Night Live Blog
Tuesday, March 29 — Postmortem

Strap in, folks! This is going to be one hell of a ride! Let’s get to Blitzin’!

Join the conversation in the comments below! Which category are you most looking forward to? What film will rack up the most wins? Will you subscribe to my YouTube page? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE? Let me know!

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